025 - You Are What You Meat: How Protein and Exercise Affect Your Metabolism and Weight

In this week's episode of the Beta Sandwich Science Podcast Karolina and the team discuss how diet and exercise affect how your body metabolizes and process they food you eat.  In 'Science Blast' we discuss: How our immune systems are intentionally dampened at birth to allow good bacteria to take hold in our guts; How there might one day be a 'hangover cure' pill; and the fact that scientists have created a working artificial heart that represents a big leap forward in synthetic organs. In 'The Meat of the Sandwich' Karolina covers the wonderfully interesting world of dieting, exercise and how your body metabolizes carbohydrates, protein and fat.  In 'Cells & Sh!t' Christian gives us the low down on how GABA receptors in the brain affect everything from consciousness to feeling groovy