026 - Thanksgiving Special: Stuff your Brain with Delicious Facts Concerning the Biochemical Basis Behind Taste and Flavor

 In this week's episode of the Beta Sandwich Science Podcast Del and the team discuss just how your brain is able to unravel the millions of different flavors and taste we perceive.  In 'Science Blast' we discuss: How the FDA told 23andMe to stop selling their genetic test; The temperature at which mice are kept at make a big difference in tumor growth; What is the minimum number of genes that are needed for male mice to survive and reproduce?  In 'The Meat of the Sandwich' Del covers your Thanksgiving dinner and what is the biochemical basis for taste and flavor.  In 'Back of the Box' Scott debunks the myth that tryptophan makes you sleepy (hint: you're tired because you are stressed, drunk and over stuffed).