030 - Hey Kid, You'll Shoot your Liver Out: 3D Printing Promises Everthing From Guns to Organs

In this week's episode of the Beta Sandwich Science Podcast Del and the team discuss how the 3D printing is on the verge of allowing us to manufacture human organs.  In 'Science Blast' we discuss: How microbes have been manipulated to produce hydrocarbons that can be used to fuel our cars; How mothers who eat peanuts during their pregnancy are less likely have children with that allergy; and how scientists are using birth control to mitigate the growing buffalo population on Catalina Island.   In 'The Meat of the Sandwich' Del talks about how we may be on the verge of a new revolution when it comes to 3D printing.  In 'Back of the Box' Scott talks about how the ubiquitous antibacterial product Triclosan has endocrine like effects in the human body.