012 - Smells like Science: Investigating the microbiome of your intestinal tract

In this week's episode of the Beta Sandwich Podcast Christian brings new meaning to the term "verbal diarrhea" when he discusses all of the little creepy crawlies in the human intestinal track collectively known as our Microbiome.   in our Science Blast segment we give you an update on the $325,000 synthetic hamburger, we then discuss what would happen all 7 billion people peed in the ocean at the same time, and finally we talk about a new way to encrypt your computer code.  In 'Making the Grad' Del will let you know how you are going to pay for your stupid decision to go to grad school.  And finally, in this week's Back of the Box we discuss Aspartame and why diet soda labels give the ominous (and confusing) warning "Phenylketoneurics: contains phenylalanine." 

The Andromeda Strain
By Michael Crichton